How to Budget Without Data

Budget & Life Cycle Costs

You guessed it – there is NO way in these modern, transparent and accountable times that you can properly budget without accurate and actionable data. Considering that your facilities, operations and capital projects represent the largest expense after personnel, having real-time data to articulate your business case for staffing, priorities and backlogs are critical to your success.

Learning Objectives:

  • The four step process to successfully secure funding with facts
  • The best practices to help you manage operational costs, increase productivity, limit liability and make well-informed decisions
  • The 5 essential operational KPIs that every facilities professional should know
  • How to share with internal stakeholders to market and promote your hard work.

From Our Partner

Pat Buchanan

Director of Data Insights
Dude Solutions

Pat Buchanan is the Director of Data Insights for Dude Solutions based in Cary, North Carolina. During his 22 year career Pat has worked onsite with clients in all 50 states to help them better manager their facilities and get the most out of their operations. Pat has worked with individual clients, multi-site clients and entire states to help them streamline their maintenance and technology work flow, implement preventive maintenance programs, manage their utility budgets and improve the facilities scheduling processes. Pat has helped develop a set of national key performance indicators for clients to benchmark their success against their peers by vertical, region, state and organization. Pat speaks at many state and national conferences. Pat graduated from East Carolina University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Education with a focus on Information Technologies.