HVAC Maintenance: Dos, Don’ts and Disasters


Regular maintenance is crucial for prolonging your HVAC system’s life, but is your maintenance actually covering what your HVAC system needs?

This course will look at what belongs in a preventive maintenance schedule for HVAC and how to customize your program to your building’s needs.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • See baseline maintenance tasks that belong in every preventive maintenance schedule

  • Learn why preventive maintenance is so important

  • Hear examples of how you might customize your HVAC maintenance schedule to your building’s unique requirements

  • Review the potential consequences of ignoring maintenance

From our sponsor:

Wayne Duggan

General Manager, Facilities Services
Apollo Solutions Group

Wayne Duggan brings a wealth of experience to the HVAC industry. During his 22 years at a fortune 100 company, Wayne has been involved in the development, implementation and management of a wide spectrum of service strategies throughout diverse commercial and industrial settings. These strategies center on asset management, green technologies, building life cycle and comfort: strategies designed to create healthier, more efficient, environmentally friendly buildings. Wayne has authored and co-authored several articles and case studies pertaining to reduction of operational cost and increased efficiencies for HVAC systems utilizing green technologies and predictive diagnostics to identify the root cause of problems: UVC Lighting in HVAC Systems, Operational Savings Benefits, Facility Managers Institute 2002. Case Studies: Bearing replacement and trim balance save money and avoid downtime, Predictive & Proactive Maintenance April 2001, Building vibration study improves environment for MRI, Predictive & Proactive Maintenance June 2001.