Indoor Air Quality Best Practices

Indoor Air QualityAIA BOC BOMI

Course approved for AIA, BOC, and BOMI ceu credits.

In the ever-changing HVAC field, it's important to consider how new systems and technology affects a building's indoor air quality (IAQ). Part of our Smart HVAC series, this webinar will focus on HVAC's role in IAQ and best practices for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all occupants.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how HVAC can affect IAQ
  • Review methods for IAQ measurement, such as carbon dioxide levels and relative humidity
  • Determine mistakes to avoid when managing HVAC and IAQ
  • Understand the best practices for managing your HVAC system to achieve healthy IAQ

From our sponsor:

Rich Carrow

Filtration Accounts Manager
John W. Danforth

Rich Carrow is John W. Danforth’s Filtration Accounts Manager who specializes in air filtration product knowledge, indoor air quality initiatives and management plans in commercial spaces. Rich is a Certified Air Filtration Specialist, and is NAFA Certified Technician Level II. Rich has 20 years of experience with indoor air quality, air flow and filtration and brings a wealth of knowledge to helping facility managers understand the best needs for their buildings.