Integrative Process and Whole Canopy System Solution Design


Canopy systems are sometimes one of those building elements that get taken for granted or overlooked, despite the important role they play in providing coverage, shading and reduced heat gain to a building. The integration of these systems with other exterior building systems also often ends up becoming an afterthought, leaving room for potential errors and less-than-ideal scenarios. In this program we'll discuss the importance of early consideration and integration of your canopy system in the design process while exploring the various benefits Whole canopy solutions provide.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the integrative design process and the importance of bringing the canopy manufacturer into the fold earlier in the process (early identification of design considerations, proactive approach, sustainability)
  • Explain how early integration of stakeholders including the canopy manufacturer encourages a whole system solution, and identify the True Value benefit and sustainability it adds to your project
  • Address specific design considerations, safety issues and application/installation challenges that will better inform decision making and enable confident specification of a canopy system
  • Discuss what to look for when specifying a canopy and selecting a manufacturer to work with including product characteristics (strength, weatherability, modular construction) and ability to provide a whole canopy system solution

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