Learn How to Improve Operations, Buildings Performance and Maintenance - A Digital Services Transformation

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This course will help you understand how to take full advantage of the extraordinary amount of data that could be extracted from commercial buildings. There is a lot of technology talk in the marketplace: IOT, big data, analytics and ecosystems. The big question is how do you identify the right data and apply it properly enabling technology to transform building operations and maintenance to keep up with future demands to improve building performance?

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Leveraging analytics & fault detection to improve building performance
  • Have a clear understanding of how digital building technologies can transform an organization
  • Know how a maintenance approach can be transformed using data that prioritizes based on the criticality of equipment
  • Whether it is energy conservation, operational efficiency or creating an engaging, safe and productive place, the data in your buildings can tell you when to "start" and "shut down", when a room is being used, if the lights are on all night, if AC is fighting heat, water is leaking and much more.
  • Understand smart building analytics and improve buildings performance.

From Our Partner


Adnan Akbari

Senior Marketing Manager
Siemens Building Technologies

Adnan Akbari has 14 years of experience streamlining business processes through the use of technology solutions. After managing and developing the implementation of software across numerous industries as an IT consultant, he studied the various models used to implement technology services while receiving his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. Upon graduation, he was responsible for formulating strategies to engage a new breed of software startups in the insurance world that threatened the way traditional insurance providers do business. He then went on to leverage his knowledge of B2B software providers at Siemens Building Technologies where he is a Sr. Marketing Manager focused on developing services powered by cutting-edge software and analytics that help enterprise clients transform real-estate portfolios into a competitive advantage.

Richard Dasugo

Digitalization Portfolio Director
Siemens Industry, Inc.

Richard leverages the vast solutions and systems portfolio to support the Digital Transformation happening in the building market. Richard received a Bachelor in Science in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics from Colorado University Colorado Springs. Richard is a results-driven and customer focused leader recognized for his keen ability to build teams capable of supporting complex software based solutions.