LEED v4: Indoor Environmental Quality

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Have you ever asked yourself: What would the Eiffel Tower look like now without lead paint every decade?  What would the pyramids look like without the silica in stone? This entertaining and provocative slide show helps us think about how materials work and what chemistries accomplish for society, and is intended to guide and inform discussion among designers and product manufacturers. We follow four famous global architectures – Egypt’s pyramids, Myanmar‘s Buddhist temples, France’s Eiffel Tower, and in the US, Eero Saarinen’s General Motors Technical Center – monumental projects all - and ask--

What are the materials of health concern in these buildings?

How could these projects be built without the materials used?

What are the tenets of green chemistry?

Where is green chemistry taking us?

Course Tuition: $25

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the types of construction for four historic architectures
  • Relate the role of building materials – dirt, stone, wood and metal – and chemicals in and on the building materials - to building durability and beauty
  • Learn chemicals of concern for example building projects and consider potential health hazards and risks
  • Apply lessons learned to consideration of Transparency Movement and how to re-think what constitutes risk 

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