Minimizing the Radius of Distraction: A Guide to Speech Privacy Concerns & Sound Masking Systems

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Overheard conversations create distraction in the work environment which is a source of dissatisfaction and frustration to workers, a loss of productivity to employers, and in specific cases a potential regulatory/financial liability. This course demystifies the topic of speech privacy and sound masking, setting goals for levels of speech privacy and discussing how privacy performance is measured. Basic level acoustic principals are presented in a simplistic manner to demonstrate factors which minimizes the undesirable distraction of ones surroundings.

The attendee will gain an understanding of how architecture, furnishings, and sound masking affect speech privacy. Discover what makes sound masking work, its history, and how it may help improve the speech privacy potential for a number of differing facility types. Information regarding key elements for a properly performing sound masking system will be examined along with a simplistic cost analysis of varying approaches in order to improve speech privacy conditions. In summary, participants will learn how speech privacy is achieved, the principles behind speech privacy, and finally understand how sound masking can lead to a more productive environment by reducing the “radius of distraction”.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Acoustic Privacy – Understand the importance of acoustic privacy and the effect on occupants.
  • ABC’s of Acoustics – The principals involved in good acoustic design and effects on speech privacy.
  • Speech Privacy – Understand what speech privacy is and how it can be quantified.
  • Sound Masking – Understand the role sound masking plays in contributing to speech privacy.

From Our Partner

Todd Berger CET, CTS-D

Manager of Technical Services
Cambridge Sound Management

An accomplished 25+ year veteran of the audio visual integration and acoustical consulting industries, Mr. Berger brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the topics of sound masking, audio visual system design and systems integration for the built environment. Prior to joining Cambridge Sound Management, Todd spent eight years as Senior Design Consultant with an acoustical consulting firm where he oversaw both the architectural acoustic and audio visual design disciplines with past projects featured in industry trade publications including Sound and Communications, Sound and Video Contractor, and Church Production magazines. Mr. Berger is a “Certified Masking Expert”, a holder of certificates by the National Institute of Certification for Engineering Technologies in Audio Systems, as well as Certified Technical Specialist– Design by Avixa International. He is a member of Syn Aud Con, as well, and current Avixa International Member.