Path to Energy Savings in the Building Envelope

Sustainability / ResilienceAIA BOC BOMI

Sustainable construction and high-performance buildings offer tremendous benefits to building owners, building occupants, and the larger community. Course content goes beyond codes, standards, and sustainability rating systems to explore options and best practices for getting the most out of green construction. This course provides foundational information and application opportunities on topics such as optimizing a building's energy efficiency; installing innovative, alternative energy solutions; and addressing the larger community challenges of storm water management and the urban heat island effect.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the relationship between standards, codes, and sustainability rating systems, in terms of building design and construction.
  • Explain the growing importance of energy and sustainability codes, specifically the IECC and IgCC, in the design of buildings, the selection of building materials, and the construction of wall and roofing systems
  • List the types of products and services that contribute to a building’s energy efficiency.
  • Define and describe LEED and RoofPoint.
  • Discuss three roofing options that promote sustainability and energy efficiency within the building and within the larger community, describing the benefits each provides: photovoltaic solutions, daylighting solutions, and vegetative roofing systems.

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