Portable Air Conditioners Taming Hot Summer Temperatures: Keeping People & Networks Safe


Spot coolers play a very important role in keeping your commercial buildings cool throughout summer. As the temperatures heat up outside and push your building air conditioners to the limit, portable air conditioners can be used as an efficient, cost effective cooling solution to keep its occupants safe from elevated temperatures. Not only will revenue be loss from lower production of employees, but sales will be down if customers are not comfortable as well. Furthermore companies can face stiff OSHA fines in extreme heat situations, or businesses can be shut down completely with elevated temperatures found in hospitals, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, IT equipment is not immune to the heat either, when the data center overheats the network will shut down causing expensive downtime for the company. Portable cooling has the ability to provide permanent and temporary cooling for people, processes, and equipment. This course will highlight strategies using portable air conditioners to keep building occupants and networks safe and comfortable during the hot summer months.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives: 

  • Utilizing spot coolers to keep building occupants safe during the hot summer months
  • Ensuring the network will never go down by keeping your server room properly cooled
  • Maintaining business operations during summer emergencies with portable cooling
  • Discuss strategies for reducing total cost of ownership of portable cooling units

From Our Partner

Jim Magallanes

Computer Room Uptime

Jim has over 20 years of experience designing, selling, and supporting portable cooling. Throughout his career he has engineered (14) air conditioners, specifically for the data center and portable air conditioning market. A number of portable air conditioners that Magallanes helped engineer have gone on to become best-selling models year after year for over a decade. He is a recognized industry expert in IT, people and process cooling over a diverse range of industries. Magallanes' comprehensive knowledge in designing spot cooling air conditioners and long career of utilizing them in commercial and industrial setting makes him uniquely qualified to solve the most difficult heat challenges. He specializes in designing small efficient computer rooms that are often difficult to cool. Magallanes holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Southern California.