Protect Your Building with a Roof Warranty


How much does your roof warranty cover? Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out. Evaluate your roof warranty to make sure you’re truly protected in the event of a failure.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about common exclusions in commercial roof warranties.
  • Understand typical maintenance requirements included in warranty terms.
  • View examples of how neglect or mistakes can void your warranty.
  • See how a roof asset management program can help keep warranty documentation from falling through the cracks.  

From Our Partner

Eric Smause

President, Senior Consultant
Atlantic & Caribbean Roof Consulting

Eric began his career, as a crew member for a commercial roofer, after High School in Virginia. He earned promotions going from supervisor, to project manager and estimator, while attending college and studying Mechanical Drawing & Design as well as microcomputer software and applications. Eric became a consultant, because of his experience with project managers and building owners. They often needed more sources of unbiased information on commercial roof systems and uncompromised interpretations of code applications and testing standards, (especially in high velocity hurricane zones). As a consultant, Eric became more involved with the Roofing Consultant’s Institute, RCI, a top resource for industry information and credentials. He earned his certification as a Registered Roof Observer in 2000, founded ACRC in 2001 and subsequently became the VP for RCI ‘s Florida Chapter in 2008 and President in 2009. Eric has dedicated over 20 years of his career to roof consulting. ACRC was Eric’s answer to providing industry professionals an unbiased, expert evaluation of their roofing needs. His team has contributed to developing better standards in testing commercial roofing products and systems for manufacturers and ACRC has grown into a nationally recognized consulting, testing and engineering firm.

Paul Smause

Project Manager
Atlantic & Caribbean Roof Consulting

Paul Smause began accumulating his roofing knowledge early, by working at the Bradco Roofing Supply warehouse just after graduating High School in Coral Springs Florida. While he was responsible for filling orders, he was also laying a foundation of knowledge about different roofing materials and products. Paul left to attend Full Sail University, earning an Associates of Science Degree in 2003 and gaining experience in film production and technology. Paul enjoyed his learning experience but was eager to put it to use in the family business, joining ACRC that same year. Although he started out as a testing technician, mastering TAS protocols, his skills in technology contributed to reports and filming lab tests, as well as internal technology. In 2007, Paul earned accreditation through RCI in Roofing & Technology Science 1 and in 2008, in Rooftop Quality Assurance. Paul was promoted to Quality Assurance Inspector and eventually Project Manager for major accounts within the consulting department and is studying for his RRO certification. He now utilizes his talent in technology, by creating detailed CAD drawings and enjoys the challenge because their details are highly directional for installation and integral for warranty compliance and quality assurance. Although, Paul’s interests have been rooted in the science and technology side of roof consulting, his passion remains in helping ensure ACRC clients receive the quality materials and workmanship they deserve and that his family’s business continues its success through leading in technology and knowledge, along with demonstrating uncompromised values.