Reducing Facility Costs with Integrated Access Control Solutions

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Facility managers are tasked with implementing physical access control solutions that integrate technology while reducing the cost of maintenance, repairs and safety.

By identifying the right combination of mechanical and electronic security solutions, you can increase convenience, efficiency and security in your building, as well as attract and retain tenants with a Smart Building through a plan that makes sense for you.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to evaluate your facility and develop a security plan that meets its specific occupant/tenant needs
  • Learn about the convenience, efficiency and security benefits of integrated door hardware and access control solutions
  • Understand how utilizing mobile technology can create customized experiences for tenants in your building
  • Learn about how a facility manager can issue and easily manage access control across multiple buildings with one credential 

From Our Partner

Brad Aiken

Electronics Portfolio Leader
Allegion Commercial

Brad has been with Allegion/Ingersoll Rand for over 16 years and has been involved in the safety and security industry for more than half that time, focusing on business strategy, electronic locking platforms, software and hardware. He is responsible for leveraging the company’s global portfolio to expand on customer satisfaction. He is known for his expertise in electronic solutions and utilizing them to improve business productivity. Brad has been featured in Source Security, SDM Magazine, Security Info Watch and more, for his valuable insights. Brad graduated from Virginia Polytechnic with degrees in Engineering and Business, and later went on to receive his MBA from Indiana University in Business Administration