Saving Time and Money with Lightweight Building Management Systems

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Today’s facility manager is under greater and greater pressure and scrutiny to deliver energy savings. With an increased focus on reducing carbon footprint, improving productivity, and tightening budgets, the ever-growing emphasis on streamlined building management can at times seem like an impossible task. Traditional Building Management Systems, which have long been a solution to reducing energy costs and improving productivity, are a great solution for facility managers with the budget and internal support to install a comprehensive solution for building management. However, with price tags well into six figures, these solutions have been out of reach for many segments of the population.

More recently, new solutions which allow facility managers to install cloud-based IOT controls have begun to open up lightweight building controls, and ones that frequently address the costly HVAC portion of their budget. Whether through Wi-Fi, Mesh networking, Zigbee protocol, or other wireless networks, these new solutions promise a greater level of control for facilities at a small fraction of the cost of a Building Management System. To be sure, fewer bells and whistles, but approachable building management for facility managers in need of a workable solution, which in turn has offered distributors and contractors new opportunities to provide these solutions to their customers.

This course will discuss the evolution of these products, evaluating the previous state of affairs specific to traditional building controls, before diving into more modern techniques for building management, in particular highlighting the solution from Emerson: the Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager, a software service that pairs with our Wi-Fi thermostats to deliver an approachable lightweight building management solution for facility managers who want to manage all of their thermostats from one place.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the demand for lightweight Building Management Systems
  • Evaluate the costs associated with these controls
  • Understand the capacity for building controls
  • Walkthrough Sensi MTM dashboard and software


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