Solving Facility Manager’s Problems with LED Lighting Solutions


Facility managers are tasked with the job of putting out the “fires” of day to day operations while constantly being challenged to make cuts in the budget. In this course, we’ll address ways that lighting can help reduce the burden of a few of these issues. Lowering maintenance, decreasing utility bills, all while finding ways to help absorb the initial investment cost.

Course Tuition: Free

Learning Objectives:

  • Address and resolve key pain points Facility Managers deal with on a daily basis
  • Dive into differences between traditional and LED lighting
  • Highlight programs that provide significant incentives to purchasing LED Lighting

From Our Partner

Peter Tessman

Product Manager

Peter Tessmann is an experienced and passionate Product Manager who oversees the High Bay and Low Bay product line for the e-conolight team. Peter uses his vast knowledge of the lighting field to launch Products that focus on reducing energy cost, are easy to install and qualify for DLC and Energy Star rebates. In a field that experiences constant technological advancements, Peter and the team at e-conolight stay ahead of trends to thrive as an evolving e-commerce business and educational tool for their customers.