Sustainable Solutions for Aging Building Infrastructure

Sustainability / ResilienceAIA BOMI

This course addresses issues of an aging building infrastructure by showcasing proven integration strategies that reduce these problems, making the integration of disparate systems a realistic objective for any building modernization project.

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Learning Objectives:

  • How a total building system modernization enables owners and operators to proactively manage infrastructure needs while gaining the ability to meet government mandates.
  • Learn why Integrating multiple disparate systems into a single infrastructure has been a challenge…until now.
  • This course explains how the most challenging issues were legacy equipment, policies, administration, and competing management approaches; differing telecommunications infrastructures, and differing densities of measurement and control instrumentation.
  • Learn about proven integration strategies that reduce these problems.

From Our Partner

Robert Hemmerdinger

Director of Business Development

Robert Hemmerdinger is the Director of Business Development in North America for Schneider Electric's flagship Building Management System, SmartStruxure. British born, Robert has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and performed many roles from Technical Support, to Product Management to Strategic Sales. Robert has been resident in the US for past 6 years in the Boston area. Linkedin Twitter