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You may think carpet fiber is all the same, but it’s not. Carpet fiber does matter and is often overlooked in the carpet specification decision. Learning a few facts about the benefits of Antron® carpet fiber in your carpet may change the way you specify carpet and think about carpet fiber. Find out how carpet fiber affects everything from performance, maintenance, cost, and sustainability.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn how Antron® carpet fiber delivers benefits that enable carpet to perform, clean up nicely, resist crushing and matting and help keep spills from becoming stains.
  • Participants will understand how the engineering behind Antron® carpet fiber helps make carpet maintenance easier.
  • Participants will be introduced to an online tool, the Antron® Total Cost of Ownership Calculator. This tool showcases how to consider the bigger picture when faced with budget constraints and how much carpet will really cost over time, the expected lifespan of the carpet and what it takes to maintain it.
  • Participants will be taught how Antron’s sustainability efforts can support your organization’s needs.

From Our Partner

Scott Patton

Director Business Development
INIVISTA – Antron® Carpet Fiber

Scott Patton is the Director of Business Development for the Antron® brand for INVISTA, one of the world's largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers. Since 2014, Scott and his team focus on educating carpet mill manufacturers, end users, architects and interior designers about the benefits of nylon 6,6 carpet fiber and showcasing how an Antron® nylon fiber carpet specification translates to long term performance, durability and satisfaction with carpet selections. Prior to joining INVISTA, Scott spent more than twenty years in the commercial building industry.Past roles in the furniture and elevator industries include management positions in sales, national accounts and new business development for Steelcase, OFS Brands and KONE.