Why Submetering is Crucial for Reducing Energy Consumption & Cost


Today the reduction of energy and operational costs is one of the top priorities of building owners. Not only does this drive the need for a more efficient and accurate BTU metering, but also creates more sustainable buildings. Since the early 1980’s ultrasonic clamp-on Flow meters have been utilized for BTU metering and submetering. Some advantages of FLEXIM clamp-on meters are; retrofit capability no shutdown, all in one BTU meter, low flow sensitivity for measuring off peak flows, and 1% accuracy. In this presentation we will cover clamp-on BTU metering concepts, attributes, accuracy, and provide case study examples.

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Learning Objectives: 

  • What are the benefits of clamp-on flowmeters?
  • How a clamp-on flow meter works.
  • Why is it so important to meter very low flow rates.
  • The importance of matched temperature RTD's for BTU measurement.
  • Applications: University, Commercial and Institutional.

From Our Partner

Izzy Rivera

Product Manager

Izzy Rivera has been involved with Service, Engineering, and Sales of Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Metering for 31 years. He has traveled extensively supporting this technology as a field engineer, and has been involved with development; from the early days of inception of clamp-on metering to the vast improvements that now make it possible to measure gas from outside the pipe.