Why Submetering is Crucial for Reducing Energy Use and Cost


Today the reduction of energy and operational costs is one of the top priorities of building owners. Not only does this drive the need for a more efficient and accurate BTU metering, but also creates more sustainable buildings. Since the early 1980’s ultrasonic clamp-on Flow meters have been utilized for BTU metering and submetering. Some advantages of FLEXIM clamp-on meters are; retrofit capability no shutdown, all in one BTU meter, low flow sensitivity for measuring off peak flows, and 1% accuracy. In this presentation we will cover clamp-on BTU metering concepts, attributes, accuracy, and provide case study examples.

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Learning Objectives:

  • What are the benefits of clamp-on flowmeters?
  • How a clamp-on flow meter works.
  • Why is it so important to meter very low flow rates.
  • Learn the importance of matched temperature RTD's for BTU measurement.

From Our Partner

Izzy Rivera

Product Manager

Izzy Rivera has been involved with Service, Engineering, and Sales of Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Metering for 31 years. He has traveled extensively supporting this technology as a field engineer, and has been involved with development; from the early days of inception of clamp-on metering to the vast improvements that now make it possible to measure gas from outside the pipe.