LEDs vs. Induction Lighting: When and Why?

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The performance characteristics and applications for LEDs and induction lighting.




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LEDs and induction lighting can both slash lighting-related energy costs, but how can you tell which is the better choice? This webinar will focus on the performance characteristics and applications for both lighting types.



Learning Objectives

What you will gain from attending this webinar:

  • Compare performance, cost, efficiency, and other factors in choosing between LED lighting and induction.
  • Learn the optimal locations and applications of both lighting types.
  • Examine real-life LED and induction installations.
  • Assess the retrofit potential of both lighting systems.





Mark Havira
Senior Energy Consultant
Efficient Lighting Consultants


Mark Havira is the Senior Energy Consultant for National Accounts with Efficient Lighting Consultants in Newtown, CT. He is charged with providing comprehensive scalable lighting conservation retrofits for companies of all sizes throughout North America while remaining at or below current fiscal budgeting for companies seeking utility cost reduction.