Degrees of Cool – A Pro and Con Look at the Hot Trend of Cool Roofs

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This webinar is approved for 1 AIA Learning Unit (LU) for Continuing Education.








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Cool roofs are incentivized and even mandated in some areas, but their performance varies depending on the location. Therefore, there are several choices and challenges to face when trying to decide if one is right for you. This webinar will focus on how different applications so that attendees can make an informed decision going forward.


Learning Objectives
  • Know the definition of a cool roof in terms of ratings, qualifications, and performance.
  • Discover what types of materials qualify as cool roofs and how they stack up against others in terms of formulation and testing.
  • Learn where cools roofs work best and the benefits they provide, like energy performance.
  • Find out why cool roofs don’t work everywhere and how they can actually be detrimental to certain structures.



Dale W. Apple
Technical Specialist
Professional Roof Consultants, Inc.

Dale W. Apple has been with Professional Roof Consultants, Inc., since March of 2008. Dale’s primary responsibilities include performing quality assurance inspections during roof construction, performing detailed investigations and evaluations of existing roof systems, report writing, industrial research, and assisting with other building envelope projects.

Mr. Apple’s previous 12 year of experience as a journeyman roofer in the commercial roofing industry and as a technical inspector for a large roofing manufacturer provides him with the skills and knowledge of a wide variety of roofing systems and designs. He brings a high level of expertise with both roof inspections and documentation, as well as multiple building project management.


Jose F. Ponce
Technical Specialist
Professional Roof Consultants, Inc.

Jose F. Ponce has been with Professional Roof Consultants, Inc. since May 2012. His primary responsibilities include design for roof replacement projects, performing quality assurance inspections during roof and building envelope construction, detailed investigations and evaluations of existing roof and building envelope systems, cost estimating, report writing and industrial research.

Mr. Ponce provides a wide range of services acquired from his 9 years of experience working in the field of commercial roofing. His valuable technical and forensic skills are an integral part in the development of details and installation procedures which have proven to be successful. His dedication to quality, diligent work ethic and demonstrated ability to work well with design and construction teams has provided repeated positive project results. Mr. Ponce also possess a wealth of knowledge acquired from direct experience with the design, installation and management of several high end commercial roofing projects in the South Florida market for both public and private sectors. He has a thorough understanding of roofing system application methods for all types of low and steep slope roofing systems including built-up, modified bitumen, single ply, elastomeric coatings, vegetative roofs, plaza decks and waterproofing systems. Replacement