9 Geothermal Innovators

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Galt House Hotel - Louisville, KY

The Galt House Hotel is located in the heart of Louisville and the complex boasts one of the largest geothermal heating and air conditioning systems in the world at 4,700 tons. Its 750,000-square foot SUITE Tower opened in 1985 with a 1,700-ton GSHP system. In 1994, the adjacent Waterfront Office Building was built and draws from nearly 3,000 tons of GSHP capacity for its 960,000 square feet.

The east tower’s energy cost is approximately 53% lower than its twin tower, which only has heat pumps on the first three floors and serves the remainder with electric heat from air units and package air conditioning units with electric heat.

The heat pumps also saved 25,000 square feet in the SUITE Tower’s original design, which otherwise would have been used for maintenance rooms and a 4,000-ton cooling tower.

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