Smart Buildings Technology Report - May 22nd, 2024
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May 22, 2024
People often focus on the money saved when households or businesses pursue energy-efficient options. That’s a valid advantage, but what about the associated social value?

Join our complimentary webinar where we will guide you through crucial measures to enhance your building’s operational security and discuss why BACnet Secure Connect is revolutionizing the building automation sector.

Analytics-driven facility management is rising as new and increasing pressures drive technology adoption. Top facilities teams can respond smarter, not harder, to these pressures.
Smart Systems Rating Program helps company to empower trust in its innovative smart building features.

Come explore the challenges, possibilities, latest tools, and groundbreaking strategies impacting the built environment.

Need to maintain elevated IT and OT operations levels? Emergency operations centers are built to function fully no matter what. Here’s what we can learn from them.
The DesignLights Consortium has commissioned several studies that consistently demonstrate the value of lighting controls. One published last year stands out for focusing specifically on the non-energy benefits of NLCs - advantages that accrue beyond the energy savings realized from installing a lighting control system.
Can businesses adopt cutting-edge biometric technologies without running afoul of regulation?
Increased consumerism and growing supply chain complexity require warehouses to consume more resources than ever. Curbing them is the only way to keep the lights on.
While geological hydrogen is currently poorly understood, it has the potential to be a crucial energy resource that relies on certain types of rocks and subsurface environments that produce natural hydrogen