Buildings Buzz - May 16th, 2024
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May 16, 2024
How did the United States become so polarized—and what can building owners and managers do about it? Michael Smerconish, a radio host, TV personality and author, will tackle this thorny topic at the 2024 BOMA International Conference & Expo.

Factory-grade edge profiles in just 30 seconds are possible with RevealCut, the world’s first acoustic ceiling tile–cutting workstation. Experience precision, jobsite safety, and material savings – cut after cut.

Accessible, ADA-compliant elevators are an indispensable part of multi-level buildings, ensuring equitable access for people with disabilities and safety for all passengers. Are your elevators compliant?
Discover the untapped potential of digital electricity infrastructure in revolutionizing building electrification and decarbonization, unlocking a sustainable future while reducing consumption by up to 29%—join us to delve into the smart and connected tools shaping tomorrow's energy landscape.
Energy demands are growing with the push toward electrification. What are the barriers to addressing these demands, and how can building owners and managers overcome them?

Network with industry experts, explore solutions, and improve your entire facility - all at no cost!

Is your business compliant with the PUMP Act yet? This legislation, which took effect last year, requires many organizations to provide private pumping space for breastfeeding employees. Download this free checklist to make sure your pumping room meets the requirements.
Great Looks are Just the BeginningBuilding Owners Enjoy Many Benefits When Retrofitting with Metal Retrofit Metal Roof and Wall Systems are ideal for updating a building and gaining decades of dependability and durability against the elements. For walls, metal panels can bring architectural quality to the curb appeal of your building. Design options...
The library underwent a four-year, $124 million renovation aimed at modernizing its 1938 structure and design to contemporary safety, accessibility and service standards.
This porcelain tile collection for walls and floors integrates LED lights into the extruded glazed porcelain, setting surfaces aglow. Both the wall and floor products are suitable for commercial applications, including shower walls.
These plugs and connectors offer a faster, safer and more reliable solution for installing and securing connections, making them ideal for challenging environments and tight deadlines. They also cut down on labor costs in temporary power applications.
Chute Libre aims to give new life to scrap wood—a material that’s often neglected. This highly sustainable occasional table is made of an assembly of MDF scrap, particle board, plywood and different solid woods.
Named after the Italian word for “porthole,” Oblò is a decorative pendant lamp that evokes the sensations of the sea. It’s available in three shapes and is ideal for F&B tables, lobbies, stairwells and more.