Campbell Soup Employee Center is Mmm Mmm Good

07/15/2010 |

Campbell Soup’s expanded employee center nourishes the environment as well as people’s stomachs

Campbell Soup Company

Courtesy of Campbell Soup Company

Fortune 500 giant Campbell Soup Company and Camden, NJ have a long-standing relationship. Over 150 years, to be exact. The completion of Campbell’s employee center addition reflects the deep roots the company has grown in the area. With an eye toward the future and sustainability, the center and on-going expansions are fundamental projects in one of the nation’s poorest cities.

The 80,000 square foot addition includes a café featuring a soup bar as its centerpiece, an exhibition hall with a 38-foot “Campbell’s” logo, and an open-air courtyard for employee and community events. The building also features a training and development center called Campbell’s University, a fully-equipped business center, and a 2,600 square foot company store. Campbell is seeking LEED certification through sustainable features include a roof that reflects the sunlight’s heat, outdoor lighting that reduces light pollution, forestry sustainability certified wood products, recycled carpeting and countertops, and reusable tableware in the café.

“This expansion project truly demonstrates Campbell Soup Company’s commitment to Camden’s revitalization efforts and their pledge to the community,” says Mayor Dana L. Redd. “This wonderful new building also sends a clear message that Camden has, is, and will continue to be open for business.”

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