Solderless Copper Systems Offer New Options

08/26/2010 |

Alternative joining methods reduce installation, labor, and repairs

Solderless Copper Systems Offer New Options

With today’s new joining methods, copper continues to offer facilities, particularly school districts, a lifetime of safety and value while cutting down on installation, labor, and future repair costs. Heating and plumbing systems can benefit from solderless joining systems, which rely on push- or press-connect fittings.

For commercial properties, copper offers faster installation than other traditional materials and can be used for high-quality repairs. This alternative method allows for immediate wet repairs without draining your system. “When it’s time to install a copper system, it’s not just soldering and brazing anymore,” says Andy Kireta Jr., vice president of the Copper Development Association (CDA).

“When you have a flameless system, there is no need for burn permits, especially in renovation and repair applications,” Robert Hall says, a technical consultant for Viega. “It’s fast, clean, and green. These are highly-engineered systems, but at the same time, very simple. It revolutionizes joining technology.”

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