Boston Merges Modernization with History

09/13/2010 |

Intricate job site produces modern facility with historical roots

Boston Merges Modernization with History

45 Province is a new 32-story luxury condominium high-rise located at the center of historic Boston. The dense urban construction site was an intricate job because the restricted deep hole site had no lay down area. There were also a number of abutting businesses that had to maintain everyday operations throughout construction.

“The 45 Province project presented many significant challenges to the team, including its tight site located in the heart of one of Boston’s most visited tourist areas,” says Anthony Crugnale, project executive, Suffolk Construction Company.

One of the project’s goals was to create a development that reflected its historic neighborhood. This was achieved through the exterior terracotta finishes of the building. Construction also transformed the streetscape, restored the roadway, and added new sidewalks, plantings, and lanterns. A historical marker was placed adjacent to the site to provide tourist information.

This mix-use facility features 137-units of high-end residential housing and retail space. The full-service building includes a four season pool, spa, fitness studio, roof terrace, and is also developing two restaurants.

“We call the building a modern classic,” says David Epstein, Abbey Group president and COO. “45 Province exudes a warm modernism that respects the historic location while utilizing the most modern materials and building systems currently available.”

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