DPR Construction Headquarters Receives Award

10/12/2010 |

DPR Construction honored with “Award of Merit” from the American Institute of Architects.

DPR Construction Headquarters Receives Award

DPR Construction’s San Diego regional headquarters has been honored with an “Award of Merit” for Interior Renovation by the American Institute of Architects and Savings by Design.

Jay Leopold, regional manager of DPR Construction discussed the commitment to resource efficiency and sustainability.

“It is important for us to uphold sustainable practices while creating a positive workplace for our employees. The solar panels, skylights, roof monitors, and glass roll-up doors are just a few attributes that make our building unique.”

The 24,000 square foot DPR regional headquarters was designed to be Net Zero Energy and is pursuing LEED platinum certification. Highlights include:

·         Natural ventilation

·         Day lighting systems

·         Low –flow plumbing fixtures

·         Energy Star roof

·         Utilization of high recycled content materials in the framework

·         64-kiolwatt photovoltaic system that generates enough power to offset annual energy consumption

For more information about DPR and commitment to LEED, visit the DPR website.

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