Benefits of Green Roofs

10/18/2010 |

Green roofs provide overlooked benefits.

Green roofs, like the massive 27,750 square foot, EPA Recovery Act funded, green roof located atop the World Wildlife Fund headquarters, offer benefits in a variety of areas.  Along with providing shade, removing heat from the air, and reducing temperatures in ways a conventional rooftop can’t, green roofs come with other excellent benefits:

  • Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas: Green roofs can lower demands on air conditioning, decreasing production of associated pollutants. The vegetation can remove air pollutants through dry deposition and carbon sequestration and storage.
  • Improved health and comfort:  By reducing heat transfers through the building roof, green roofs can improve indoor comfort and lower heat stress.
  • Green roofs are instrumental in handling and reducing stormwater run-off.
  • Reduced energy use:  Green roofs reduce the need for energy associated with cooling and heating by acting as an insulator.

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