GreenChill Partnership Encourages Environmental Goals

10/18/2010 |

EPA’s GreenChill partnership provides economic and environmental benefits.

GreenChill has recognized several New Jersey and New York supermarket chains for their efforts in moving toward sustainability goals. The GreenChill partners take action meeting refrigerant objectives, eliminating leaks, and adopting green technology and practices.

“Global Warming is the most serious problem facing the planet,” said Regional Administrator Judith Enck. “Every business has an essential role to play in reducing greenhouse gas pollution. I applaud these businesses that have gone the extra mile and are leading the way.”

The EPA estimates that if GreenChill averages could be attained nationwide, the industry would eliminate the equivalent of 22,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent of removing almost 4,000,000 cars from the road.

GreenChill has a total of 50 partners, comprising of 5,500 stores in 48 states.  For more on the economic and environmental benefits of GreenChill partnerships, visit the official EPA GreenChill website.

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