Hotel Floors Affect Rebooking Rates

10/18/2010 |

Hotels looking to increase rebooking rates look no further than the floor.

A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by the Cintas Corporation found that cleanliness in all areas of a hotel influence a consumer’s perception of a stay.

Soiled entryways, grimy lobby floors, and unkempt guest room carpet discouraged a significant 85% of respondents from rebooking with a hotel.  Another 80% indicated that dirty hotel lobby restrooms were a major detractor, and 60% flagged wet floors without signage as an issue.

“This research confirms that a high standard of cleanliness is critical to a hotel’s success,” says Mike Thompson, senior vice president of Cintas Facility Services. “From restroom cleaning to tile and carpet cleaning services, hotels must have the right programs in place to maintain a safe and clean establishment to ensure guests are satisfied.”

The results of this study are clear: Dirty floors, lobbies, restrooms, and wet floors can all cause serious damage to your hotel’s rebooking potential.

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