First Zero-Energy Homes on a Military Installation

10/22/2010 |

Campbell Crossing, the public-private partnership between Actus Lend Lease and the U.S. Army, has announced the completion of two zero-energy homes on a military installation. The approach focuses on energy efficiency and solar thermal energy production that functions on 54% less energy than a comparable home by today’s building standards.

The energy needs of the zero-energy homes are supplied by roof mounted photovoltaic solar panels, resulting in a home that produces as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis. The cost savings come to approximately $1,041 per home per year, and if applied to all 4,457 homes at Campbell Crossing, the annual savings would be $4.6 million.

In addition to energy savings, a 27% reduction in water consumption is expected as well as 7,300 gallons in savings of hot water for each zero-energy home.

Simple design concepts were introduced into the plumbing systems, involving shorter and more direct paths.

"These Zero-Energy homes are just one of the many initiatives taking place throughout Army posts around the country that will help ensure soldiers, their families and employees are doing their part for a greener environment," states Ivan Bolden, chief, Army Privatization, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff (Installation Management). 

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