National Standards for Trucks and Buses

12/01/2010 |

The EPA and the DOT have announced the first national standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the fuel efficiency of trucks and buses.

The national program is projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 250 metric tons within the first five years.

“Through new fuel-efficiency standards for trucks and buses, we will not only reduce transportation’s environmental impact, we’ll reduce the cost of transporting freight,” says U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “This is a win-win-win for the environment, businesses and the American consumer.”

The changes include new standards for three categories of trucks: combination tractors, heavy-duty pickups and vocational vehicles. 

Significant fuel efficiency gains ranging from 7% to 20% could pay for the cost of an upgrade in under a year for a semi-truck operator, who could save as much as $74,000 over the truck’s life.

A 60-day comment period will begin when the proposal for these national standards for trucks and buses is placed into the Federal Register.

More information about the proposed national standards for trucks and buses can be found at the EPA regulations and standards page.

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