Largest LEED Platinum Campus

12/01/2010 |

The Johnson Controls headquarters has a prominent distinction as the largest concentration of buildings on one campus to receive LEED Platinum Certification. This sustainability accomplishment is made all the more impressive because this was not a new facility, but rather a restoration of preexisting 44-year old architecture.

Facility employees have individual control over temperature, lighting, airflow, and ambient noise level in their workspaces, and while the square footage of the project has doubled, energy usage is down 21%. 

Water usage has been reduced by 595,000 gallons a year, and greenhouse gas emissions reduced by the equivalent of 857,200 million points of carbon dioxide a year.

The latest LEED Platinum standards are on display, featuring sustainable design and technology.

·  Renewable solar energy to produce electricity and hot water

·  Geothermal heating and cooling systems

·  Rainwater collection for use in water closets throughout the buildings

·  Lighting systems that automatically adjust to make more use of natural light and reduce artificial light

·  Automatically adjusting window shades that allow daylight in but keep glare and heat out

·  Demand load limiting strategies to reduce energy consumption, which in turn reduces operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions

"This campus is really a testament to our mission to create safe, comfortable, environments," says Ward Komorowski, director of facilities and building services for the Glendale headquarters. "This campus shows others what can be done to promote the cause of energy efficiency and sustainability and benefit businesses, communities and the world at large.”

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