CO2 Storage Potential in U.S. and Canada

12/14/2010 |

Co2 Storage Potential

5,700 years of carbon dioxide storage potential could be available in locations in the U.S. and Canada, according to research from the DOE’s Carbon Sequestration Atlas (Atlas III).

The findings document the possibility of more than 20,000 billion metric tons of CO2 storage potential in saline formations, oil and gas reservoirs, and unmineable coal areas.  It all adds up to around 5.700 years of safe geologic CO2 storage.

Atlas III updates U.S. and Canadian Co2 storage potential figures as well as details regarding commercialization of capture and storage (CCS) collaborations.

Effective storage of Co2 is a major component of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide buildup due to human activity.

View the full Carbon Sequestration Atlas (Atlas III)

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