$5 Million in DOE Funding for Superior Energy Performance Program

12/17/2010 |

$5 Million in DOE Funding for Superior Energy Performance Program

The DOE has announced allocation of up to $5 million in seed funding to hire a Program Administrator for the country’s Superior Energy Performance certification program. 

The Superior Energy Performance program is accredited by the ANSI and provides industry facilities and commercial buildings with opportunities to enhance energy efficiency while maintaining market competitiveness.

Industrial and commercial sectors constitute roughly 50% of energy use in the U.S. and this presents significant opportunities for energy optimization and efficiency.

One organization will be selected to serve as the administrator and technical assistance provider for the Superior Energy Performance program, and will be required to develop a business model that will enable the program to become self-sustaining.

The project is scheduled to be made available to the general marketplace in October, 2011.

For more information about the Superior Energy Performance Program, including criteria for eligible applicants, visit superiorenergyperformance.net

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