DOE Headquarters gets Cool Roof

12/17/2010 |


A cool roof installation has been completed on the Department of Energy’s HQ. The “coolest” part of this roofing project?  There were no incremental costs to adding the cool roof as part of the project, and it will save taxpayers around $2,000 a year in building energy costs.  Thanks, DOE!

Cool roofs use lighter-colored roofing surfaces and/or special coatings to reflect the sun’s heat.  Reduced cooling costs, improved building efficiency, and offsetting carbon emissions are all benefits associated with cool roof technology and implementation.

"The Department of Energy is leading by example, demonstrating how cool roofs can help achieve significant energy and cost savings.  This is a simple, low-cost technology that can provide tremendous benefits for government, businesses and homeowners across the country," says Secretary Steven Chu.

Traditional dark roofs can reach temperatures above 180F on hot days, with cool roofs staying approximately 50 degrees cooler.  Successful implementation of cool roofs can reduce the demand for air conditioning and cancel the heating problems associated with carbon dioxide emissions.

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