ASHRAE Standard 189.1 Adopted by Army

12/21/2010 |

ASHRAE Standard 189.1 Adopted by Army

ASHRAE leaders have met with U.S. Army officials regarding the adaptation and implementation of ASHRAE Standard 189.1, which incorporates requirements of the green building standard and sustainability.

“After nearly four years of peer review and collaboration with various members of industry, we are extremely pleased that the Army has taken up the initiative to incorporate the standard into its day-to-day practices,” says Lynn G. Bellenger, ASHRAE president. “The Army is clearly committed to taking the lead within the military to incorporate innovative practices proven by the private sector. Their willingness to adopt this standard speaks volumes about its value and efficacy.” 

The new policy will place new requirements on energy efficiency, cool roofs, metering, storm water management, and indoor/outdoor water consumption.

The policy will be applied to all construction and renovation of structures in U.S. territories, overseas Army installations, Army Reserve Centers, Army National Guard facilities and Armed Forces Reserve Centers. The current footprint of existing Army structures and facilities is over 954 million feet.

Adherence to ASHRAE Standard 189.1 will guide the U.S. Army toward more sustainable structures and buildings, with the goal of net-zero buildings in the future.

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