Chromium-6 Toxin Polluting U.S. Tap Water

01/05/2011 |


According to a recent study, the cancer-causing chromium-6 compound has been found polluting tap water in 31 U.S. cities.  Approximately 74 million Americans in 42 states consume water that is polluted with the chromium-6 chemical.

Chromium-6, aka hexavalent chromium, came to be well known to the public from the 2000 biographical film Erin Brockovitch.  Chromium-6 comes from industrial processes and facilities used to manufacture pigments, dyes, and chrome plating.  It is also frequently discharged from steel and pulp mills.

The EPA does not currently regulate chromium-6 specifically, but total chromium threshold is set at 100 ppb to protect against skin irritation.  The EPA is expected to determine if a new level will set sometime this year.

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