Hyperbaric Centrifuge Technology

01/07/2011 |

Hyperbaric Centrifuge Technology

A successful full-scale test of hyperbaric centrifuge technology at a Jim Walter Resources Inc. coal-cleaning plant in Alabama has demonstrated the value of this revolutionary innovation.

Researchers at Virginia Tech developed and patented the hyperbaric centrifuge with support from the National Energy Technology Laboratory and to the Office of Fossil Energy. Designed to recover waste coal for energy use, hyperbaric centrifuge technology is leading the way in coal cleaning developments.

U.S. coal producers typically discard large amounts of fines that are deposited in containment ponds or impoundments as slurry.  In some cases, this potentially valuable waste coal is not recovered.  Hyperbaric centrifuge technology separates the fine coal particles from the water, allowing them to be recovered while simultaneously cleaning the environment.

Hyperbaric centrifuge technology is a major step forward for clean coal separation and will allow billions of tons of waste to be utilized.

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