Phoenix My Break Room Program Saves Energy

01/21/2011 |

The My Break Room Program  encourages energy saving

Accor North America and Motel 6 have implemented the “Phoenix My Break Room” initiative, a energy-saving employee incentive program.  This simple plan has potential for use across many industry sectors, including retail, restaurant, and commercial locations.

The challenge issued to Motel 6 properties was to reduce energy consumption of a six month period.  The prize for the winning locations?  A revamped, energy-efficient break room.

And it worked.  By the end of the program in October 2010, electricity costs had been reduced to the tune of $233,000. By instilling energy conscious habits into team members, Accor NA’s methods can cut energy costs and consumption.

Motel 6 states the key factors to the “Phoenix My Break Room” program’s success:

  • The program was free to implement.
  • The reward was something that could be enjoyed by all levels of employees on a daily basis, rather than a one-time reward.
  • The money spent on renovations and rewards did not compare to the savings earned at many of the winning properties.

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