DOE to Promote Clean Energy in Tribal Communities

01/21/2011 |

Clean Energy promotion is coming to tribal communities

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu and the DOE have announced initiatives to promote tribal energy development.  Up to $10 million will be available this year through the Tribal Energy Program to support energy efficiency and renewable energy resources on tribal lands.

“Tribal Nations are well-positioned to take advantage of the benefits of clean energy. These efforts will help Tribal Nations determine the best projects for their lands and ultimately which technologies to adopt, both improving the environment and supporting long-term clean energy jobs,” says Secretary Chu.

Allocated funds will support three project areas:

-First steps and capacity building

-energy efficiency development and deployment

-renewable energy development and deployment

The Tribal Energy Program contributes financial and technical assistance to tribes while providing education and training for sustainable projects and goals.

Learn more about the program at the EERE Tribal Energy Program.

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