Central Plant Optimization Can Reduce Energy Consumption

01/24/2011 |

Central Plant Optimization can yield 60% energy efficiency gains.

Johnson Controls has announced a new technology designed to help reduce energy consumption in central chilled water plants in buildings and facilities by up   to 60%. 

Featuring new system-level automation software, the Central Plant Optimization 10 (CPO 10) and Central Plant Optimization 30 (CIPO 30) Powered by Optimum HVAC are structured to enable peak performance and energy savings.

Traditionally, energy efficiency in the HVAC industry has been driven by the capabilities of individual components.

Central Plant Optimization offers a holistic system approach with the potential to achieve and sustain ongoing savings throughout the entire lifecycle of an HVAC system.

“Building owners and operators have the biggest opportunity to realize savings where the facility consumes the most energy—the central chilled water plant,” says Joseph Walicki, vice president and general manager, Systems, North America, Johnson Controls. “A holistic approach to plant design and operations is necessary to drive efficiencies that minimize operating costs, reduce environmental impact and lead to a better return on investment.”

Central Plant Optimization may revolutionize energy-efficient technology in chilled water plants.

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