Duct Fitting Database To Go

01/27/2011 |

ASHRAE's Duct Fitting Database has gone mobile.

ASHRAE’s Duct Fitting Database (DFDB) desktop application has become more flexible as a smart phone app, allowing for engineers to make calculations in the field and get results they need quickly.

The application was developed for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and allows users to perform pressure loss calculations for more than 200 HVAC duct fittings in I-P and SI units.

The DFDB is easy to use - Inputs can be adjusted and installation is automatic.  ASHRAE lists several of the DFDB’s features:

  • Users can create individual projects, each with unique input values and results.
  • Each fitting has its own custom set of input parameters and results.
  • Users can easily change the minimum and maximum allowable values for all input parameters.
  • Users can display and email two types of reports, which include a spreadsheet attachment that can be opened on a desktop computer to do further analysis.

The ASHRAE DFDB app can be purchased through Apple’s online iPhone App Store for $19.99. This initial release of the ASHRAE DFDB app includes supply and common round fittings only, though subsequent versions including all of the remaining fittings will be released monthly. Those who purchase the app now will receive these updates as free upgrades.

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