Green Tips for Data Centers

01/28/2011 |

Green Tips for Data Centers is an ASHRAE effort to improve data facility performance

ASHRAE is rolling out a new book, Green Tips for Data Centers, to assist building operators and facility managers in optimizing energy efficiency in existing datacom facilities.

More than 50% of energy consumption in data centers can be attributed to power and cooling infrastructures that support the IT equipment housed in them – Green Tips for Data Centers aims to reduce that energy consumption through easy-to-implement, proven tips and suggestions.

The focus of Green Tips for Data Centers is on improving existing facilities by utilizing techniques that have been successfully implemented across the globe.  Some of the tips featured are:

  • Optimize supply air temperatures
  • Install monitoring equipment
  • Improve lighting efficiency
  • Optimize data storage
  • Improve transformer efficiencies

Part of the ASHRAE Datacom Series, Green Tips for Data Centers is available for $54 ($46, ASHRAE members.)  Find out more at ASHRAE Datacom

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