Virginia School Installs Wind Turbine

02/14/2011 |

A Virginia school has taken the first step in promiting renewable energy with the installation of a wind turbine through a DOE project.

The DOE has joined with local and state leaders in Heathsville, VA, to install a wind turbine as part of the Wind for Schools project. 

Northumberland Middle and High School is participating in the project through a $20,000 Recovery Act grant.

The installation of a 2.4 kilowatt wind turbine will be used as both an educational aid and an energy source, answering President Obama’s call to action for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and adopting clean, renewable energy.

Students from Northumberland Middle and High School, Rappahannock Community College, and Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School will all have access to data from the wind turbine. 

Students will have opportunities to apply math and science concepts and increase STEM literacy while preparing the United States for a future of clean energy initiatives.

The Wind for Schools project is active in 11 states nationwide and is part of an ongoing education process.  Wind turbine installations like the one at Northumberland Middle and High School lead the way in renewable energy exposition.

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Expectations for a Greener Tomorrow

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