ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference 2011

02/17/2011 |

The Ashrae Energy Modeling Conference will showcase new building energy initiatives and innovations.

ASHRAE’s Energy Modeling Conference: Tools for Designing High Performance Buildings will be taking place April 4-6, 2011, at ASHRAE Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. 

The conference is scheduled to cover modeling fundamentals, building component contributions, software demonstrations, and case studies to assist and educated creating energy-efficient buildings.

“There are industry powerful modeling tools that enable engineers and architects to create and refine our vision of a building – its appearance, systems, operation and performance,” says Lynn G. Bellenger, P.E., ASHRAE president and conference keynote speaker. “Understanding how to use those tools to model new and innovative system types and learning more about building physics will enable modelers to expand their abilities to design the high-performance buildings our clients demand and expect.”

Sustainability expert William J. Worthen, AIA, will be joining Bellenger as a keynote speaker at the ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference: Tools for Designing High Performance Buildings.

Sessions will cover all the necessities – ASHRAE standards, costs of energy modeling, modeling for various building types, building information modeling and integrating building performance.

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ASHRAE Sustainability Reference Guide

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