America’s Great Outdoors Initiative

02/18/2011 |

President Obama has announced an action plan regarding the Great Outdoors Initiative

President Obama has announced an action plan under the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative to achieve lasting conservation of lands and waters across the nation.  Established last April, the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative is designed to work with the American people with community-based conservation goals.

Based on feedback from the American people, the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative has shaped an action plan with these objectives:

  •    Accessible parks or green spaces for our children.
  •    A new generation of great urban parks and community green spaces.
  •    Newly-restored river restorations and recreational “blueways” that power economic revitalization in communities.
  •    Stronger support for farmers, ranchers, and private landowners that help protect rural landscapes and provide access for recreation.
  •    The reinvestment of revenues from oil and gas extraction into the permanent protection of parks, open spaces, wildlife habitat, and           access for recreational activities.
  •    A 21st century conservation ethic that builds on local ideas and solutions for environmental stewardship and connects to our historic, cultural, and natural heritage.

“With children spending half as much time outside as their parents did, and with many Americans living in urban areas without safe access to green space, connecting to the outdoors is more important than ever for the economic and physical health of our communities,” says Nancy Sutley, chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. “Through the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative, this administration will work together with communities to ensure clean and accessible lands and waters, thriving outdoor cultures and economies, and healthy and active youth.”

A full report and documentation on the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative can be found at

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