Next Generation Luminaires Winners

02/24/2011 |

Next generation luminaires light the way for solid-state technology.

The DOE has announced the winners of the third annual Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) awards.   The NGL competition launched in 2008 to promote energy-efficient LED luminaires for commercial lighting and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and the International Association of Lighting Designers.

Solid-state lighting (SSL) has the capability to save Americans $15 billion a year in energy costs by 2030, which makes SSL a key part of administration efforts to recognize energy-efficient building technologies through programs like the NGL awards.

12 judges from the architectural lighting design community evaluated NGL submissions, selecting the winners based on performance, appearance, construction, and submitted photometric data. 

The “best-in-class” NGL winners are as follows:

  • The Lighting Quotient Inc. (West Haven, Connecticut): Awarded "best-in-class" for its Linear Concealed LED Luminaire cove lighting fixture.
  • Philips Color Kinetics (Burlington, Massachusetts) : Awarded "best-in-class" for its eW Burst Powercore facade lighting fixture.
  • Koncept Technologies Inc. (Monterey Park, California): Awarded "best-in-class" for its Equo LED Desk Lamp task lighting fixture.
  • USAI (New Windsor, New York): Awarded "best-in-class" for its NanoLED recessed accent lighting fixture.

Design competitions such as the Next Generation Luminaires are a critical part of the DOE’s strategy to accelerate solid-state lighting technology, from the lab to commercial building applications.

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