EPA Clean Air Act Report

03/02/2011 |

The EPA has released a new report detailing results from the Clean Air Act amendments.

A report released today by the EPA shows that the benefits of reducing fine particle and ground level ozone pollution under the 1990 Clean Air Act will reach a staggering $2 trillion in 2020 while saving approximately 230,000 people from early death in that year alone.

“The Clean Air Act’s decades-long track record of success has helped millions of Americans live healthier, safer and more productive lives,” says EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. "This report outlines the extraordinary health and economic benefits of one of our nation's most transformative environmental laws and demonstrates the power of bipartisan approaches to protecting the health of the American people from pollution in our environment."

The EPA has released figures regarding current and future expectations for the Clean Air Act amendments.  In 2010, the Clean Air Act amendments prevented:

  •       160,000 cases of premature mortality
  •       130,000 heart attacks
  •       13 million lost work days
  •       1.7 million asthma attacks

Projections for 2020 show even greater prevention possibilities:

  •      230,000 cases of premature mortality
  •      200,000 heart attacks
  •      17 million lost work days
  •      2.4 million asthma attacks

This is the third report in a series of EPA studies designed to evaluate the benefits and costs of the Clean Air Act and its effect on related industries and the economy.

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