LEED Volume Program Hits 500 Certified Project Milestone

03/03/2011 |

The LEED Volume progam can assist with large-scale building portfolios.

Since 2006, more than 500 building projects have been certified through the LEED Volume program, which streamlines the certification process for high-volume property owners and managers.

The LEED Volume program allows large-scale organizational builders to deliver a consistent product at a lower cost while earning LEED certification faster.  The program was designed to meet needs of buildings and spaces across a company portfolio.

 “Companies with a large collection of new builds or existing buildings are using the LEED Volume Program to transform their portfolios at a faster rate through a cost-effective, efficient process,” says Scot Horst, Senior Vice President, U.S. Green Building Council. “Reaching this milestone underscores the industry’s demand for high-performing, green buildings portfolio-wide and allows us to move further faster towards our goal of transforming the built environment.”

The LEED Volume program is flexible, allowing owners to define criteria for grouping similar buildings and prototype LEED credits to pursue.  The program also facilitates several important initiatives for the owner:

  • Bulk purchasing
  • Advance ordering of materials
  • Reducing consultancy requirements
  • Increases internal process efficiency
  • Greater speed to market
  • Precise documentation of sustainability efforts

USGBC will introduce volume certification for existing buildings operations and maintenance sometime in 2011.

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