NASA Sustainability Base

03/16/2011 |

The NASA Sustainability Base is designed to actually produce more energy than it uses.

Photo Credit:William McDonough and Partners

The NASA Sustainability Base, scheduled to occupy in April/May of 2011, is an interesting examination of sustainability.  Designed to produce more energy than it uses, the NASA Sustainability Base meets LEED Platinum guidelines, integrates the latest NASA technology, and focuses on air quality, natural lighting, intelligent controls, and flexible building controls.

The Sustainability Base is a two story-building, approximately 50,000 square feet. and is located in Moffet Field, CA. The Base demands only 12% of the standard electrical power a conventional, code-compliant building would require, and a mere 10% of the potable water. 

This energy efficiency is achieved through a geothermal system, high performance lighting, radiant cooling, intelligent building systems and on-site photovoltaic energy generation.

Not only will the Sustainability Base use very little energy, the installation of NASA Ames developed research on next-generation fuel cell utilizing landfill biogas, the building will generate 20% more energy than consumed annually.

The building is designed for approximately 200 people, and comes with a host of health benefits to reduce absenteeism and improve workplace efficiency.   

Who are the firms that created this project?

NASA Ames Research Center – Owner

AECOM – Record Architects, Interior Design, Landscape, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire-Protection, Civil and Structural Engineering, as wells as Sustainable Materials Specifications.

William McDonough + Partners - Design Architect

Loisos + Ubbelohde - Daylighting, Lighting, Energy Consultant

Siteworks Studio - Landscape  Design

MBDC - Materials Assessment

Todd Ecological - Wastewater Treatment

The NASA Sustainability Base was the winner of the 2010 U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Real Property Award in the category of Green Innovation.

EPDM, Sustainability, and the Environment

Smart Sustainability Expo

Planning for Sustainability

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